Lake History

It is said that the history of Snyder's Lake dates back to Revolutionary times, when a man named Harmon Snyder traveled up the Hudson River by sail boat from Dutchess County. He settled on a farm near what was then known as "Aries Lake" in the town of Greenbush. Today, research is still being done as to the significance of Aries Lake and how that name came to be. What is known is that Aries Lake was renamed to Snyder's Lake in 1897 after Harmon Snyder and his family. This is documented by the historical marker located at the North Greenbush Town Beach, which is pictured to the right...

Around the time of the early 20th century, we start to get our first look at life around the lake.  Surrounded by a chain of low hills, Snyder’s Lake has always been a popular gathering place, especially in the summertime.  The images above, which were taken in the early 1900’s, show people swimming, boating and sunbathing in and around the lake.  Also, it is during this period that we begin to hear some of the earliest stories from the area, which you can read about in the attached article, “A Glimpse at Snyder’s Lake History” by North Greenbush Town Historian, Jim Greenfield.

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